50 Cent has been involved in a lot of rap beefs and he doesn’t necessarily forget them, so when former G-Unit affiliate Trav tried to sneak his way on stage at a MixShow Live event in Atlanta over the weekend, it made for an awkward confrontation. 

50 was on hand promoting his new artist, Kidd Kidd, and called Meek Mill to the stage. Trav –whose beef with the Queens MC reportedly stems from Lloyd Banks and a Twitter fight — made his way on stage with the MMG rap star’s crew. Once 50 took notice, he shoved Trav.
In the video footage, Meek whispers words to calm Fif down, and the would-be scuffle eventually simmers.  
Later, Meek refused to take sides in their rift tweeting, “Don’t involve me with trav and 50 words they had on stage, they got they own relationship.”
Trav retweeted messages about the drama bringing him publicity and posts about his new mixtape.
50 has yet to comment.