Apple has rolled out a remedy to solve the most annoying thing about iMessage: the fact that you can’t get away from it, even if you leave your iPhone behind.

The messaging service lets Apple fans send messages between Apple devices by using WiFi rather than eating into your data plan. Part of the beauty of the service is that it switches eligible messages

    those sent between Apple devices — automatically. But, for a while, folks who’d switched away from the iPhone but kept their phone numbers found that even when the stopped using iPhones, Apple’s system was still automatically converting messages from iPhone users, meaning that they never got to their destination. That’s prompted complaints.

    No more. Apple’s tool, posted quietly over the weekend, will now let you disassociate your number from iMessage if you forgot to do it before you ditched your iPhone.

    All users have to do is submit their number to an Apple Web page, which will prompt the company to send former iMessage users a deregistration code.

    For anyone thinking about switching away from iPhone in the future, you can avoid this whole headache by remembering to switch “iMessage” off in the Messages” section of your phone’s settings before you get rid of it !!!