Chris Brown and Trey Songz were saying different things regarding a potential joint tour, but it seems they’ve agreed to head out on the road together. 

Brown, who is scheduled to release X this year, posted a message on Twitter that appeared to confirm the tour run.

“THIS FALL is gonna be legendary! Get ready for me and @TreySongz Tour,” Brown said on Twitter yesterday (August 15). 

Songz, who released Trigga this year, denied that any of this was official with posts on Instagram.

“Bruh, you’re just gonna tell the people we’re going on tour?” Songz said. “Did you think of a name? You got a name? It would be a good tour, though. I’ma think about it. Is they ready?”

In another post, Songz discussed what they could perform on this potential tour. 

“We can do old songs, new songs,” Songz said. “Oh, we got that one song that we did together that no one’s heard. Should I have said that?”

Moving forward, Songz also discussed reasons that he thinks this would work. 

“There would be so many women, boy,” Songz adds. “And it would be dope musically.” 

THIS FALL is gonna be legendary! Get ready for me and @TreySongz Tour!

Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) August 14, 2014
Meanwhile, Chris Brown was on Songz’s Instagram asking for names for their joint tour.

Finally, Trey Songz confirmed that they are in fact going on tour !!!