Alcohol takes its toll at country star’s Massachusetts gig, with some fans having to be taken into protective custody”

Tales of bad behaviour, overindulgence and police involvement at gigs are usually associated with festivals or, perhaps, the more raucous end of rock. On Saturday night, however, country fans brought chaos to a Keith Urban show in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Dozens of fans were treated for alcohol-related problems, while more than 50 were taken into custody by local police. Mansfield’s police and fire departments were so overwhelmed they had to call in ambulances from five other towns to deal with the outbreak of drunkenness. Urban himself described the show as “nutso”, according to the Boston Herald.

At 8.51pm on Saturday night, Mansfield’s fire officials declared a “mass casualty incident” at the concert at the Xfinity Center in the town, while at 10.30pm two life support ambulances had to be called, reported the local paper, the Sun Chronicle.

“In total, Fire and EMS attended to 46 medicals resulting in 22 transports mostly alcohol-related,” said police and fire chiefs Ron Sellon and Neil Boldrighini in a statement. “The large number of medicals in a shortened time of approximately three hours caused the activation of a phase one EMS plan utilizing ambulances from five mutual aid communities. Police dealt with a steady stream of intoxicated persons as well, resulting in over 50 people being taken into protective custody and a number of others arrested for alcohol-related issues.”

Mansfield is about 25 miles from Boston, which suffered its own rush from concert hall to hospital in June, when nearly 40 people required medical assistance after consuming a “dangerous substance” at an Avicii show in the city !!!!