Evan Rachel Wood Sued for $30 Million for Leaving ’10 Things I Hate About Life,’ Calls Suit ‘Preposterous .
According to Wood, the lawsuit is a “bullying tactic,” saying that the company shut down production due to financial issues

Evan Rachel Wood has been sued, alongside As You Wish Productions, Inc., by 10 Things Films, LLC for breach of contract. The suit alleges that the actress walked out during principal photography on the film “10 Things I Hate About Life.” As You Wish Productions is the organization that provided Wood’s services for the film.
According to the legal document, Wood accepted and retained $300,000 for her work, and then “seemingly changed her mind” about completing the film, ultimately refusing to do so. The document states that production was briefly suspended after four weeks of a planned seven-week shoot with Wood. This was around January 14, 2014.

When production was to resume around February 8, 2013, the suit alleges that Wood said she was unable to continue for personal reasons, until November 2013. When asked to return to complete principal photography at that time, Wood allegedly claimed that she had already fulfilled her contractual obligations to the producers.

The suit further alleges that Wood demanded more money before she would even consider returning to finish the picture, which the plaintiffs paid. Nevertheless, Wood allegedly still refused to complete the film, nor would she participate in any publicity and promotion.

In a response to the media, Wood’s representatives shot down the lawsuit, calling it “preposterous.” Instead, they said the suit is a result of the production company being cash-strapped, which is why production was shut down in the first place. Further, they claim that Wood is still owed money, putting the production company in breach of contract !!