At least two people including a police officer were wounded in a shooting incident on Monday night in front of the lobby of the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Traffic Division.
At about 8 p.m., a gunman walked into the lobby and told a male officer and a female officer manning the front desk that “he had a complaint.” But he suddenly opened fire at the male officer in the shoulder and side. The bullets, police said, were stopped by his ballistic vest.
“The male officer was hit… seven times; three in the vest and four times in the extremities,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said.
“After being hit seven times he returned fire and saved his own life and the life of his partner,” Beck said.
Officer Sara Faden said one other person may have been wounded. She said initial reports from the scene showed there were “multiple victims.”
It was not clear whether the victims were injured by gunfire or fragments from shrapnel, she said.
Both the wounded officer and the alleged gunman were taken to a medical center.
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