Vanessa Hudgens has truly broken-free from her High School Musical image.

The actress is featured in the new issue of NYLON magazine where she discusses her groundbreaking role in the movie Gimme Shelter.

Check out some of what she had to say to NYLON below.

On her role choices:
“I don’t think it’s ‘good girl gone bad.’ I think it’s more ‘girl growing into a woman and being passionate and taking choices.’ I have so much work to do, and I think I will always feel that way. [During ‘Gimme Shelter’] I loved looking into the mirror and seeing myself with short hair and bad skin and tattoos. The uglier I could make myself, the more giggly I would get on the inside.”

On her public image:
“You hear what you want to hear. If you’re not into something, be open about it. If you don’t like me, I…

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