Police in Washington, D.C. are looking into a statement one officer made about Chris Brown’s alleged assault on a man outside a local hotel last year, and it could be pivotal in his case.

According to Billboard, internal affairs launched an investigation to flush out inconsistencies in witness testimonies. One unidentified Breezy acquaintance reportedly told the officer that the alleged victim told him that Brown never hit him. But when detectives interviewed the officer to follow up, he said he never even talked to the acquaintance. The alleged victim has also denied the conversation.

Later, however, a surprise witness popped up, a Secret Service officer who was on the scene told detectives that the officer in question did speak to the aquaintance, and he knows because he overheard the conversation (being professionally trained to be alert and all).

The “he said, she said” is typical, however, says D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, adding that the investigation is routine and that no one has accused the officer of anything. “Nobody has accused anybody of lying,” she said. “One person says one thing, one person says something else. Nobody has made an allegation that an officer is lying or covering anything up.”

Both Brown and his bodyguard were charged with assault for allegedly punching a man who reportedly attempted to photobomb a picture Brown was taking with two fans. Both rejected plea deals and insist that they are innocent. Brown is due back in D.C. court Feb. 20 2014 “