990132128609d3870a1b3a0ed61aef06Why HasWestCoastSoul? One name : Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971 – infinity) Almost twenty years since he moved up to Thugz Mansion but we’re still bumpin’ California Love from LA to NYC to Berlin to Tokyo; shit, there’s probably a crew of Eskimo’s coolin’ out at a Gangsta Party in Siberia. Everybody still fx with ‘Pac because he HasWestCoastSoul.

Though he’s known to rep the West, he was born on the East. A West Coast Soul isn’t necessarily someone who is Cali born x raised, but he/she is definitely a revolutionary. Someone who speaks their mind and stands up for their beliefs. They never sleep on their dreams, they know the motto – hustle, create, inspire. A West Coast Soul is a beautiful soul. Vision never blurry, eyes always open to all depths of beauty, past just the aesthetically pleasing. Ears sharp to funky beats and mellow instrumentals to the thumps…

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