Andrew Schulz knows a thing or two about dating. The “Guy Code” host has taken you through everything from first dates to puberty, manscaping, prom, PDA and meeting your girlfriends’ parents.But on his new dating show, “The Hook Up,” which premieres today (October 14) at 6 p.m. ET, Schulz will guide one lucky contestant through a rapid-fire series of dates with four potential mates in an effort to find out if the Facebook profile matches reality.
Using pictures, tweets and videos, Schulz will expose personal secrets in the search for true love.Before getting started, though, he sat down with MTV News to give some relationship advice to a few stars. First up were Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel, who recently sat down face-to-face following an ugly online feud
 set off by one of Kimmel’s skits lampooning ‘Ye.”The most important thing to remember when you start getting famous is … people don’t care about rich people’s problems,” he said. “Kanye, Jimmy Kimmel is exposing your silliness and you should thank him! Not hate on Jimmy!” Bottom line? Schulz said Kanye should get over it and make a delicious pizza with Jimmy.Miley Cyrus finally broke her silence on Friday about her recent dis-engagement from former fiancée Liam Hemsworth
 and Schulz sees that as an opportunity, not a problem. “You gotta find the right person for you,” he said. “Someone who appreciates your tongue, and how long it is. And forgets the fact that it reminds him of Gene Simmons [from Kiss.]”He had nothing but love, though, for just-engaged
 rapper Big Sean and singer Naya Rivera, who met on Twitter, which bodes well for “Hook Up” contestants who have tight social media games.And if you don’t, well, “I will expose it, make lots of fun of you and embarrass you in front of millions of people on MTV,” he promised. Fair warning.