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adele maggieThis is spooky eyed lady without eyebrows is actually Adele in the back of a taxi and not the reincarnated spirit of Margaret Thatcher. Easy mistake to make though.

haley joel osment Haley Joel Osment is only 25 years old, we haven’t seen him acting in anything lately because he spends all his time as the face of the moon.

taylor swift glmour hatTaylor Swift hasn’t had a boyfriend for months now, but its okay because she has a new hat! Taylor loves hats way more than boys. http://popbabble.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/taylor-swift-loves-hats/

Its a good job Nicole Shirtlifter is pretty because current affairs are not her thing. But as I’ve mentioned before she could get a job at the Oxford English Dictionary next year should the X-factor fall through. Getting righteous and courageous into one sentence is quite an achievement. http://popbabble.wordpress.com/2013/05/16/nicole-scherzinger-loves-fame-needs-money-will-do-anything-thats-mullerlicious/

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