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Exclusive photoshoot and interview with Oona King by Alan Olley and Richard Barber for Scope Features

At 11.55pm on Thursday, the moment Oona King had been anticipating for more than 15 years finally arrived: her longed-for first biological child was born.

But rather than elation, that first precious touch of her newborn son’s skin triggered panic and pessimism.

‘I have to admit,’ she confides, ‘as I cradled him, it felt like there was a glass screen between us. I felt really detached from him.

‘I also felt like I was being unfaithful to my three other children.’

It’s a complex reaction because, at 45, Baroness King of Bow, as she’s known in the House of Lords, had to rely on a surrogate to deliver her baby.

She had previously spent more than £70,000 on six failed attempts at IVF and she and her husband, Tiberio, had adopted three children: Elia…

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