A prison fire in Bulo-Marer town of Lower Shabelle region left five Al Shabaab fighters, three inmates and two civilians dead according to witnesses, Garowe Online reports.

A Bulo-Marer resident who spoke to Garowe Online on condition of anonymity because of his security said, the blaze started late Friday night and finally was succeeded to fight it at 8:00 AM in the morning after other militants lingered around the prison.

“We saw the charred remains of the corpses who were dragged out under heavy security by Al Shabaab,” a nearby resident told GO.

“Some of the prisoners managed to force their way to safety through the windows and the fire caused extensive damage to the facility,” he added.

Sources confirmed to GO that the five Al Shabaab fighters died in the blaze were prison guards.

It is yet unclear what caused the fire and Al Shabaab officials declined to comment on the first-ever prison incident to be reported.

Bulo-Marer town in southern Somalia still remains under the control of Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group!!!