An Italian delegation of top travel agents and media representatives has arrived in Egypt for a 5-day visit to the touristic city of Sharm el-Sheikh, said a press release issued by the Civil Aviation Ministry.

The delegation’s visit aims at lifting the travel clamp down imposed on Italians by their government that prevents them from traveling to Egypt for security reasons.

The visit, promoted by Egypt’s ministries of Civil Aviation and Tourism, came as a bid to boost Egyptian tourism.

“Such a large group of travel and media leaders visiting Egypt will provide huge potential for future promotion of the country in this key travel market,” EgyptAir CEO Hossam Kamal said.

Last month, Italy warned its citizens that Egypt’s Red Sea resorts, which had been spared the violence that broke out across the country, could also see unrest due to the country’s political instability after the ousting of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi in July.

Around 80 percent of the Italians who visit Egypt head to the Red Sea region.

At least 19,000 Italians were vacationing at Egypt’s Red Sea resorts last August, tour operators estimated!!