Lupe Fiasco helped his incarcerated business partner hide millions from his estranged wife to cheat her out of a divorce settlement, this according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 

According to the wife of former heroin drug lord Charles Patton, Fiasco helped move $9 million in various bank accounts. An investigation of Patton’s paper trail led back the Chicago rapper, born Wassalu Muhammad, the woman claims. She is suing to recoup the money in their ongoing divorce proceedings. 

A lawyer for Fiasco dismissed the allegations telling TMZ, “There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions.” 

Patton is currently serving a 44-year prison sentence on several drug charges. In 2003, he was busted with $1 million worth of heroin, and reportedly worked his way up Chicago’s drug scene by using money from record deals to buy narcotics. Fiasco denied ties to his mentor’s drug deals but penned a letter to the court in 2010, expressing his sadness for Patton’s sentence and vowed support. “I will stand by him and his family no matter what occurs,” he wrote!