Benjamin Crump, Trayvon Martin’s family lawyer, identified Americans who are impassioned by Martin’s story and hope to change stand your ground legislation as a new voting bloc called “Trayvon voters.”
In a Washington Post op-ed, he called on Trayvon voters to participate in the 2014 midterm elections to help alter stand your ground laws across the nation.

(Crump wrote)

Trayvon Martin voters have the potential to become a critical mass influencing several important issues, including stand-your-ground laws, racial-profiling laws and stop-and-frisk policies.
Typically, the voter turnout in midterm elections is dramatically diminished from presidential-election years. We can, however, make sure that in the upcoming midterm election Democrats, Republicans and independents across the country turn out to vote for Trayvon Martin amendments.
Trayvon voters have a clear cause: capturing the passion over the devastating verdict returned in the trial of George Zimmerman and transforming these feelings into actions that can and will make a difference.
Crump said that the first step in creating a united front against stand your ground laws is to sign the petition by Trayvon’s family. The petition pushes for Trayvon amendments which would limit stand your ground laws throughout the country.  
Such amendments, if passed, would serve to combat preemptive killing by profiling and help prevent future tragedies like the death of Trayvon Martin.
“The Trayvon Martin amendments are common-sense legislation that would alter such laws to prevent the initial aggressor in a confrontation from being able to later claim self-defense,” Crump wrote.