Lightning and flash floods have killed 50 in Yemen since storm began in the Arabian Peninsula country, local officials say.
Since Friday, 41 people have been killed by the flooding while nine others, including a soldier, were struck by lightning and died, AFP quoted local officials as saying on Saturday.
Twenty-seven of the flood victims died when a torrent washed a wedding convoy away as it was travelling through Wadi Nakhla, a valley between Taiz city and Ibb province, 260 kilometers (166 miles) south of capital Sana’a.
There were three women and four children among the victims, who were in three vehicles accompanying the bride to her new home across the valley.
In Udayn district, in the central province of Ibb, twelve bodies were found while a lot of motorists were yet missing as floods swept their cars away.
Local officials also said that flash floods in northern provinces claimed the lives of two women.

According to Yemeni state media, eight people had been rescued and teams had started search for those missing.
Authorities had previously warned citizens living in mountainous areas to take precautions against expected floods.
On October 23, 2008, floods left 65 dead and forced more than 20,000 others to flee their homes in the country.
Located at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen is prone to deadly flooding during the monsoon season

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