ENT :Raz B on Life Support

After suffering a minor accident at his concert in China yesterday, Raz-B’s health has taken a grave turn for the worse. The rapper is in a coma and on life support in a local Chinese hospital just one day after he was hit in the mouth with a glass bottle while trying to keep the peace at his concert. 
“He is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible,” Raz’s publicist Toy Jones tells TMZ.
The situation began on Friday, when a fight broke out at the rapper’s show. Though he was initially arrested in connection with the brawl, police quickly realized he had nothing to do with the violence and released him for medical treatment. The former B2K member was hospitalized after the incident and treated with minor surgery before being discharged later that day.

Things took at turn for the worse the next morning, when Raz didn’t wake up. He remained unconscious while backup dancers rushed him to the hospital, where doctors confirmed he had brain activity but was comatose. The 28-year-old has been breathing through a ventilator and has been in and out of consciousness. 
Our prayers are with Raz-B and his family.