WHEN her toddler Willow is throwing a tantrum just as Pink is about to be catapulted into the air out of a hole in the stage floor, the singer is reminded she is living the dream of the travelling gypsy life she wanted for her family.

The reality of her grand vision for the singer, her husband Carey Hart and their daughter on the Truth About Love tour is “it’s five full time jobs in on day. But somehow, it’s working.”

Like any working mum, Alecia Moore has to juggle playdates and a work out with being a wife and her day job running Pink Inc, which isn’t restricted to those two hours of singing, dancing and flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

“But when I look back on it, yeah, it’s the dream,” she said backstage before her Friday night show in Sydney.

“It’s a lot of work, it’s exhausting, it’s terrifying, every time she has a fever, I’m on the phone to the US to her pediatrician.

“And she’s going through all these changes. You know, it’s just crazy times.”

The bonus of taking a two and a half year old on the road is the discovery of children’s museums, spectaculars and activity days Pink never knew existed.

Pink gets to indulge her inner big kid.

“They have so much cool sh*t to do for kids which I don’t ever remembering getting to do when I was a kid. Ether my mum didn’t love me or they didn’t have cool sh*t,” she said, laughing.

“But we took her to Disney On Ice, we took her to Baby Prom at the Opera House yesterday, the whole day thing, which was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

“She was just dancing with all her two year old little friends. It was so awesome, so fun.”

Before the Truth About Love tour, which has sold more than 500,000 tickets in Australia, Pink would finish each show with a considerable booty of souvenirs and gifts from fans. All the usual flowers, stuffed animals, cards and occasional marriage proposal.

Now all that belongs to Willow.

Family, friends and crew have been banned from giving her daughter gifts because of the huge haul she receives each night of the tour.

“Oh she can have it, she can have it. She can have the T-shirts, the stuffed animals, the onesies, the marriage proposals,” Pink said.

“Every night, I swear to god, she’s the most spoiled little girl in the world. She’s gonna think every day’s her birthday.”

Pink believes the world tour has hit its stride in Australia where the audiences greet her as one of their own and not just a pop star on the stage.

While doing her vocal warm ups each night, she flicks through Twitter to read the excited posts of fans heading to the concert for an adrenalin boost.

She describes each night as a genuine emotional experience. For some, a Pink concert has become a life-changing experience, with Pink helping a lesbian couple to propose and sending a woman into labour at Wednesday’s gig.

“Apparently I put a woman into labour on the last song, I was pretty excited about that,” she said.

“Especially for the song Perfect, I see so many people having moments, just genuine moments, whether it’s screaming to each other or laughing at my joke, kinda understanding, reading between the lines with me and we’re singing it together.

“And then there’s the bawlers.

“You can talk your way in circles all through the rest of your day but our show for all of us performers and it seems like for the crowd especially in Australia, it’s a genuine emotional time.
“It’s my favourite thing.”
As Pink enters the home stretch of her marathon tour of Australia and the world, she isn’t the only one wondering how she is going to raise the bar next time.

Her powerhouse vocals will remain the centrepiece of her career but Pink has set the standard higher than any performer in the last decade with the choreographed acrobatics and theatre we have come to expect at a pop concert.

How does Pink top Pink?
“I said that last tour! I was worried. Now I’m really worried. Well, cuz I’m not getting younger. Not getting younger,” she said.
“Oh god, I’m doing stuff you learn when you’re like 14. It’s so fun. A lot of the day is fun but it’s gnarly on your body though!