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WOW….this brother is crazy! I actually forgot about this debacle! But, what had happened was, this dude was pretty much the man at one point. Yeah, Aswad Ayinde directed the video for the Fugee’s “Killin’ Me Softly,” but what he killed was his own family in an attempt to create a “pure bloodline.” He gets a C for crazy and an A for a$$hole. Dude has babies with THREE – that’s right – THREE of his six daughters (there were three other pregnancies that I guess didn’t bear kids). He’s already been found guilty on ONE of the cases, 40 years for that one. Dude is 54 and he’s got four more to go. You see where this is headed. He’s got 6 daughters and 5 trials! OUCH! Dude, this ain’t funny, but for some reason, his daughter said he thought he was better than the rest of us. “He…

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