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(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane’s concert in Baltimore was cancelled after failing to file the proper permits for Baltimore County.

According to reports Gucci was scheduled to perform at a military facility called the Pikesville Armory, but promoters lacked the proper permit according to officials at the state’s Military Department, which owns the facility.

While the armory is not open to the public, the facility does allow the public to rent facilities.

But the cancellation hasn’t stopped Gucci’s promotion of the event.

“Come out party with me. Pikesville Armory 610 Reisterstown rd. Baltimore Md.” Gucci said via Twitter and Instagram on Friday despite the rumored cancellation.

“My understanding is that they didn’t file the proper permits with the county, and we were directed that we should cancel it,” Lt. Col. Charles Kohler told the Baltimore Sun.

Nevertheless, it doesnt look like the show will be happening as county law…

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