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(AllHipHop News) Atlanta Hip Hop Sensation Cash Out took a moment to sit down for an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, while recording his debut album “Patience.”

The Atlanta rapper has been in various Miami recording studios, working with a number of producers and artists in the game, to craft his major label debut.

“The grind coming up was staying out of trouble,” Cash Out told AllHipHop.com of his time spent honing his skills. “I knew I had to get my ish together, it was about going in. ‘Its My Time’  and ‘Cashin’ Out’ was bubbling before we got signed to Epic. We was going hard and we still is…Epic is going to do their part too.”

He also explained the sudden success of his hit single “Cashin’ Out,” which peaked at #1 on Billboard’s rap chart.

“I recorded it in December and it took off in January,” the rapper told AllHipHop.com…

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