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(AllHipHop News) Veteran rapper and business mogul Master P stirred up controversy this weekend when he released his new track “Brick To A Million,” which will appear on his upcoming mixtape Al Capone.

The opening lines of the song begins with the New Orleans native saying, “new n*ggas wearing dresses/f*ck it, I ain’t scared to address it/gangster n*ggas on skateboards/I’m at the house breaking mothaf*cking headboards/Real n*ggas stand up.”

Instantly, questions began to arise whether these lines were a diss toward a certain Harlem up-and-comer, a Chi-town veteran, or a fellow rapper originally from New Orleans.

Recently, rising New York rapper A$AP Rocky faced a lot of heat after appearing on 106 & Park wearing what many observers thought was a women’s dress. A$AP later explained to RapFixLive that the ensemble was actually a designer oversized tee, but this explanation didn’t do much to stop the criticism from confused…

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