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(AllHipHop News) Rap pioneers Doug E. Fresh and Kangol Kid of UTFO will honor a number of students tomorrow (December 18), in Harlem, New York.

Doug E. Fresh and Kangol Kid will serve 22 students from the New York Mosiac Preparatory Academy, during an evening of dinner and music, catered by Hip-Hop artists.

Doug E. Fresh will open his restaurant Doug E’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant, which is in the heart of Harlem.

The event is being held to celebrate the students who made honor roll, in addition to raising funds and awareness for the Mama Luke Foundation, which is aimed at combating breast cancer.

“Saying it means one thing but showing it means so much more,” said Kangol, who will join singer Lisa Lisa, Roxanne Shante, Doug E.
Fresh, DJ Wiz and Beyoncé’s DJ, DJ Diamond, in serving the students their meals.

The event is being sponsored by Rock…

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